Who is the Planted Passion Group?

Director Neil Miles leads the company, Planted Passion Pty Ltd, and is a qualified horticulturalist of twelve years. The company, established in 2012, currently owns three agriculture brands:

After obtaining his qualifications, Neil’s career commenced in Margaret River at a Tubestock propagation nursery. Additionally, his studies into organic practices have been applied to permaculture and kitchen gardens designs and installations in both the South-West of Western Australia and in Perth.

Neil’s understanding of regenerative methods, rural farming techniques, learned sustainable theory and practical urban landscaping has provided a holistic view of garden design for the team at Planted Passion Horticultural Services and the team at Planted Passion Agriculture & Urban. Planted Passion Pty Ltd purchased Mitch's Gardening in 2017 to expand the gardening team.

Planted Passion Pty Ltd is a proud distributor of Nutri-Tech Solutions. They have an extensive range of organic fertilisers, growth promotants, microbial stimulants, humates, fulvates, soil conditioners and much more.

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